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    i210 EEPROM contents: CopperTP vs. FIBRE


      Hello intel,


      I've got an EEPROM attached to an i.MX6 via PCIe. I can program the EEPROM over PCIe and then the i210 reports the correct PCI VID:PID of 8086:1533.


      ethtool reports:


      # ethtool enp1s0

      Settings for enp1s0:

              Supported ports: [ FIBRE ]

              Supported link modes:   100baseT/Full


              Supported pause frame use: Symmetric

              Supports auto-negotiation: Yes

              Advertised link modes:  Not reported

              Advertised pause frame use: No

              Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes

              Speed: Unknown!

              Duplex: Unknown! (255)

              Port: FIBRE

              PHYAD: 0

              Transceiver: external

              Auto-negotiation: on

              Supports Wake-on: pumbg

              Wake-on: g

              Current message level: 0x00000007 (7)

                                     drv probe link

              Link detected: no



      But I'd like to use the TP port, not fibre.


      Does this depend only on the EEPROM contents?

      Where can I get the EEPROM contents configured for a plain i210 twisted pair (copper) port?


      Best regards,