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    Intel Server (Workstation) and Windows 7 64x problems.



      I have a huge problem with my Workstation and Windows 7 x64.
      The problems dont show up in Windows XP x64 and in Linux (Fedora 10).

      I have 48 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 Intel Xeon 5520 and Intel Server (Workstation) Board 5520SC.

      My system does not work properly it freezes for half a second every 1-2 seconds.

      I have installed newest chipset drivers from Intel but it is no difference.
      I have checked Hard Drives, Power Supply, Memory, MainBoard the only thing that was not testes/exchanged were processors, but I dont get any processors releted errors. (As I said before the above happens only in Windows 7 x64.

      During this not continuous work (freezing) I saw that my processors are working really hard, I attache the picture (but I have not been using any programs).

      Does anybody know what it could be?

      Waiting for any help.