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    Graphics Media Accellerator (Asus VivoTab Smart) on Windows 10?


      I've been trying to get this working for quite some time, including scouring the 'net for drivers and looking to see if Microsoft is going to push some generic drivers to replace the Intel one. Finally I turned to Twitter and asked the Inter customer service people on there about it, and all I learned was that Intel don't and won't support that device on Windows 10. I was even told that I should downgrade my device to Windows 8 if I want the best out of my device - which is surely counterintuitive, considering the benefits of 10 v 8.x?


      In fact, their last tweet to me said that 'Intel is always moving forward with its support and seeking to provide the newest products to their customers' - which, given the situation, I am feeling pretty free to interpret as meaning that 'Intel wants you to think that they're trying but actually they aren't going to support your adapter on this new OS because they'd rather you spent a load of money on a brand new one instead.'


      Maybe I'm wrong, but that's by-the-by, just me having a rant and getting it out of my system.


      I know Intel aren't going to update the GMA driver for Windows 10. But I haven't been given any more detail than that, and at this point I'm pretty furious; I have no option to roll by device back to Windows 8.1, because I did the upgrade when Windows 10 hit RTM last summer, and USB booting seems to be completely blocked on my device (looked in the Advanced Startup Thingy and in the UEFI settings).


      I do not want to buy a new tablet. Why not (you might ask), when this one is three years old? Because the spec is better than most of the tablets I've seen around recently, even at the same price. It's a good tablet with plenty of memory and storage, a good processor, and even a good graphics adaptor. Simple as that.


      So, does anybody have any idea what I can do to make this work? Because short of reverse-engineering the driver software and porting it myself, I'm stumped.