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    SSD 320 series suffering from the BAD_CTX bug, Firmware Update Failure. What next?


      One of our SSD 320 series drives is suffering from the BAD_CTX bug.
      Three different attempts to perform firmware update by the Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool all result in Firmware Update Failure (page 17 in the User Guide), despite disabled drive password, enabled SMART and legasy IDE mode in BIOS. What next?


      The drive show 0GB (zero gig) in BIOS settings and 8MB when attached as secondary drive in another VMware box, where model ID also show just fine.

      When running the firmware update tool, everything seems fine until the failure message (Figure 11 in the guide) is shown, where it says:

      Model number:     Intel SSD 320 Series 0GB

      Serial Number:     BAD_CTX   00000159

      Firmware:             4PC10302


      The Intel SATA SSD Firmware Upgrade did not complete.... etc...


      Tried all three suggested actions. No luck!