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    NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon Bluetooth range problem


      I am having range problems with both Bluetooth 2 and BLE devices.  The Skull Canyon is flat on a desk with free space all round it.


      A Sony SRS-X5 speaker does not work reliable more than 8 feet away (line of sight) and a BLE beacon does not work more than 3 feet away.


      To check if it was an antenna masking problem I disabled the internal Bluetooth adapter in the BIOS and used a "Plugable" USB BLE dongle.  The problem remained the same.


      Both the Sony and the beacon work at up to 30 feet with iOS and Android tablets.


      When I first installed the Skull Canyon I had a similar problem - my Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard USB dongle did not work reliably when plugged into USB on the back of the Skull Canyon but works OK when plugged into the front - within two feet of the keyboard and mouse.


      Anyone had similar problems?