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    Publish documentation on GitHub?


      My goal is to build a minimal custom build for flashing to the Edison module.

      To start I'll build the default one.


      This document looked promising as it was newly reviewed.


      Last Reviewed: 07-Jun-2016

      Board Support Package (BSP) User Guide for Intel® Edison Development...


      Following section 2 Build an Intel Edison image using bitbake I start to run into some issues.


      The linked download page does not have an edison-src.tgz file for download from what I could see.

      One of the links on the download page goes here http://iotdk.intel.com/src/3.5/edison/

      Is the iot-devkit-poky.zip the new edison-src.tgz?


      Taking a leap of faith, it looks promising, bitbake is now running generating something I hope will be an image I can flash to my Edison.


      This got me thinking, instead of having a discussion in this forum I rather just edit the document myself and send a pull request.

      Have this been considered or perhaps already started?