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    ICH8R/ICH9R Raid Controller


      Device Manager identifies my RAID 0 Controller as Intel ICH8R/ICH9R. I want to upgrade my system to Windows 7, however I currently run Windows Vista Business, and want to install Windows 7 Home Premium (don't need Professional any more). I will need to perform a custom installation. In order to format the hard disk(s). I need to install a RAID driver during Windows 7 installation. I have found two files (f6flpy32.zip and f6flpy6489.zip). The description on both indicates that they will create a floppy that can be used to pre-install the Storage manager during Windows setup.


      I downloaded both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. I am not sure which version of Windows 7 I am going to install. When I extract the zip files, the 32-bit version creates f6flpy32.exe. When I attempt to run this program to create the floppy, I receive floppy disk errors, and the floppy disk becomes un-usable. I cannot even format the disk. When I extract the 64-bit version it creates a set of files, but there is no .exe file to create the floppy, so I just copied all of the files to a floppy disk.


      I am now very confused as to what to do. Can anyone provide some insight/direction into how I ahould proceed. I am leaning to installing the 32-bit version of Windows 7. I would like to format the hard disk so that I can eliminate the system recovery partition for Windows Vista from the hard disk (won't need it with Windows 7, and would like to reclaim the disk space.


      Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

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          Windows 7 has the RAID driver you do not need to create a floppy disk, once you have installed you can then install Matrix Storage Manager (I suggest 8.8) which will also update the driver.


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            Yes, I know that Windows 7 has the controller once the system is installed, but I tried the install and when it asked if I want to format the hard disk it asked for a floppy with the controller software so that it could perform the format prior to the install beginning. I have the upgrade version so I need a prior version installed for the upgrade to work, otherwise I would format and then install.

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              Will I've done that it didn't ask me for a floppy with the controller software.


              I just put the DVD in > select Language > Install Now > I accept the license terms > Custom (advanced) > select the drive > Drive options (advanced) > format > Next and install.


              It really should be a cakewalk thats how easy it was for me.

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                I'm also trying to get the drivers by Intel Download site, no success.


                You wrote:

                " ..... When I extract the zip files, the 32-bit version creates f6flpy32.exe. ....."

                That's is exactly what does not happen to me; I've tried many times, but no .exe in the downloaded zip files !!


                Yet, the "F6Readme" file clearly instruct :

                " .... 1.  In Microsoft* Windows*, double-click on the executable to run. ( F6flp32.exe )
                        2.  Follow the steps to copy the floppy disk image onto a floppy.

                ..... "


                I need the F6 disc because I'm wanting to install WinXPpro with the dual boot option , on a Vista OS , Intel quadcore CPU with ICH9 .

                May somebody please help me to get the above F6FLP32.EXE Intel utility from the setup zip file ? Thanks!