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    I've just had WHEA error on bios 42 NUC6i5


      Hi all,


      I was an early buyer of the NUC6i5. My first unit lasted a month then got the WHEA error and RMA'd. The second unit I didn't even use until until bios 44 was released and supposedly fixed.


      Since then I've been using the unit for the last months without problem.

      However - today while using the NUC I got the whea bluescreen error again. The computer froze while watching a live stream, turned to the blue whea screen and then rebooted. The only difference is it rebooted fine - and I got to the desktop and loaded the stream again. It's been a few minutes so far but obviously this isn't a good sign.


      Has this happened to anyone else?

      For the last few months I'd begun to regain confidence in the NUC but now I feel like i'm back to square one.

      I'm hoping someone from intel can advise.