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    Increasing Unexpected Power Loss Count




      Using the Intel SSD Toolbox SMART Details, I noticed that the Unexpected Power Loss Count (AE) and the Unsafe Shutdown Count (C0) of my new SSD 540s increased with every regular Windows shutdown and restart.


      The 540s is in an Intel NUC5PPYH running Win7 x64 with the latest drivers installed.


      There has been quite some discussion on the increasing Unsafe Shutdown Counts, e.g. here: https://communities.intel.com/message/132305


      I found that using the Shutdown.exe program, instead of the Windows Start Menu shutdown/restart options, stops the SMART AE and C0 counts from increasing.


      Instructions on how to make a Shutdown.exe shortcut are here: Add a 1-click shutdown tile to your Windows 8 Start Screen (The instructions also work for Win7).