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    Why does an i3 have higher HD graphics than an i5?


      So whenever I open the game, overwatch,

      No Compatible graphics hardware was found. (0xE0070150)

      this message pops up. and so i searched the minimal requirements to play the game which is i3 intel card, HD graphics 4400 and windows 7. Overwatch System Requirements - Blizzard Support From other support articles i've read they also require DirectX 10.1 minimum but according to DxDiag I have DirectX 11

      Im assuming that if you have an core i3 intel the HD graphics would be 3000. and core i5=5500 HD graphics. So i have two laptops. An HP notebook with windows 10 and a Toshiba Satelite P755 with WIndows 7. According to the intel stickers, the HP i just bought has a core i3 and the toshiba from 2012 has an i5. But when i looked at the dxdiags the HP has HD graphics 5500 and the Toshiba has HD graphics 3000. And I would think it would be the other way around. So i am very confused bc i would rather run the game on the toshiba with an i5 but it does not have the requirements as the HP with the i3 apparently. So why does an i3 have higher HD graphics than an i5? Is there a way I could update my Toshiba to meet the requirements to run the game?