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    Wrong Chipset Installed - How to Fix?


      I have an Acer PC running Windows 8.1 64 bit.  Long story short, I had to reinstall the software (system recovery) and download and reinstall the drivers.


      Oops:  I installed the Chipset_Intel_10.1.1.8_W10x64_A instead of Chipset_Intel_9.4.0.1026_W81x64_A.  I've tried running the 9.4 version, but get an error:


      • Copy File Source = C:\Users\Roy\Downloads\Chipset_Intel_9.4.0.1026_W81x64_A\Chipset_Intel_9.4.0.1026_W81x64\drivers\CSVer.dll
      • Copy File Destination = C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CSVer.dll
      • Copy file error (87) on source = C:\Users\Roy\Downloads\Chipset_Intel_9.4.0.1026_W81x64_A\Chipset_Intel_9.4.0.1026_W81x64\drivers\CSVer.dll. Trying again.

      I think I need to uninstall version 10.1 to be allowed to install 9.4, but haven't been able to find instructions with which I am comfortable.  I thought of using the system recovery software again - starting over - but wasn't sure if the chipset would be replaced or not.


      Any suggestions?

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          Intel Corporation
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          There is no need to uninstall the Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility; therefore, there is no uninstall utility included with the software.
          The latest INF version 10.x has copied the appropriate chipset INF files to the hard drive and created corresponding registry entries in order to allow the operating system to identify the chipset.