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    How to update MI3.1 installer to latest RCPL with command line?


      We can use command line interface to update MI3.1 installer.

      This is used for users with command line interface preferred.


      Below are the steps.:


      1) Goto your wrInstaller path

      2) Run command setup_linux. Below is the command:


      Note: Example on this step, we use "/home/build/Windriver". Please use your own Windriver path with recent RCPL.


      ./setup_linux -silent -installPath /home/build/Windriver -repousername <your registered email> -repopassword <your password>

      -install-WRL-mode full


      3) It takes time to update, depending on your internet speed connection.



      Last Validated Info

      Machine14.04.1-Ubuntu x86_64