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    Creating RAID Volume from Existing Hard Drive Help


      I recently did something very stupid, which ultimately wound up breaking up my RAID 1 volume.  Anyway, I had to reinstall my Windows 7, which I did succesfully, however, due to my need to backup files from the other previously-raided hard drive, I was unable to create a RAID volume before my installation.  After installing and grabing all the necessary files from my secondary hard drive, I formatted that drive so I could use it to create a new RAID volume.  I went to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager ( and attempted to "Create RAID Volume from Existing Hard Drive" using the wizard.  I went through, selecting the proper source and member drives, and received a warning: The source hard drive cannot be larger than the selected hard drive member(s).  This is a little confusing since both drives are exactly the same size, and they are the same two drives that I originally had RAIDed.  The originally drive has my new operating system install, and the old drive is completely formatted (minus the necessary "System Volume Information" hidden folder).  Is there a way to get these two hard drives RAIDed again without having to RAID them first before an operating system reinstall?  Will creating a RAID through the Intel Matrix option rom erase the data on both hard drives?  How about if I just created a RAID normally through the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software?  Please, any info will be greatly appreciated!

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          Info is a bit hard to follow and I suggest you use Matrix Storage Manager 8.8.


          RAID looks like its likely set in the BIOS so is the OS on one HDD and you wish to RAID 1? another HDD of the same size without reinstalling? If so I have never done it but this is likely migration not creating.


          Formatting the HDD your trying to add is not the way to do it you need to open windows disk management and delete the partition.


          If your trying to RAID two other HDD's and not the OS also do the above.

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            Thank you for your response.  I see the error of my ways, I did not realize I had to leave it unformatted.  Unfortunately I could find little to no information on the web on that subject.  I have managed to solve my problem another way, though.  I created an image of my hard drive with Acronis and backed it up to a 3rd, non-raid drive.  Then, I raided the first two drives, and restored the image to the newly raided drives (using the Acronis bootable media).