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    Windows explorer continued crashing and COMSurrogate errors appear to be caused by 530HD Driver. Help?


      Hi all-


      I just completed a new build which runs peppy but is continuing to have recurring problems w/ explorer.exe crashing and numerous COMSurrogate errors. I've spent many, many hours googling this and the numerous things I've tried lead me to believe the problem lies with the 530HD driver; particularly a thread that point out the same problem with a similar build (same proc and h170 shipset) where they also cannot get the Windows Experience Index to complete.


      My build:


      - Intel i5-6600 (not "K") proc

      - Asus h170 Pro Gamer

      - Hyper X DDR4 RAM - 16GB

      - Samsung 850EVO SSD

      - Seasonic 550W Power Supply

      - Windows 7 Pro 64bit


      I've reinstalled Windows, updated all the drivers. Attempted to rollback the VGA driver to no avail, went through NUMEROUS threads, tests, etc. but explorer keeps crashing and I continue to get COMSurrogate errors. Further, I still cannot get the WEI to complete (it hangs before the progress bar finshes yet the dialogue says its complete. When I've left it along instead of canceling, it eventually trys to shut itself down and still just hangs...)


      I'm attaching the SSU report I downloaded in the hopes someone can help me get this going... pretty desperate right now... TIA for any leads.