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    Is thermal grease obsolete


      I just installed a i5 650   which came in an Intel box package (BX80616I5650) the box came with the processor and the fan.  THERE WAS NO GREASE.  I have upgraded or installed new processors since my first 486 DX100.The conductive thermal grease was just something which I expected to find again.  The Motherboard and the Processor graphic instructions do not show the application of any grease. I assembled it without any grease. 

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          well... for the past few years it seems Intel has supplied their stock heatsinks with pre-applied thermal grease on them. There is no extra syringe of it.. it's already on there in the right amount, probably saving a lot of headache for end-users who don't know how much to apply.


          are you positive there was no grey-colored stuff on the underside of the heatsink? it's usually separated into 3 parts/lanes...

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            Ah Ha    There were 3 or 4 rectangles or squares of what I thought was a different metal in the center of the heatsink. It probably was the grease. If there was a protective cover on the grease, it is still there.


            It would be nice if Intel did include in the packaging or make available on line some instructions to go with their products.  The pictorial instructions are nice and I am sure very helpful but a few words to go along with them would also help.

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              Intel has been doing this for years with their boxed processors.  My first 1.8 GHz P4s that I built in 2001 and my 2.6 GHz P4s build in 2003 had the thermal grease on the heat sink.  I just recently built two new Core i7-860 machines that had the same thing.  I do not remember if this was mentioned on the box or on the instruction page that came with the boxed processor.


              I did however, remove the supplied thermal grease and apply Artic Silver 5 and they are running about 5 degrees Celcius cooler than with the stock grease.  So, if that tells you anything, the stock grease is pretty good.


              Hope this helps.