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    Random Reboot


      I bought a Gen 2 (2016) Intel compute stick yesterday it's giving me a lot of issues. I have not been able to use it for more than an hour without it randomly rebooting. That is to say, I'm using it fine one minute, suddenly the screen goes black and after a few seconds it starts to boot up again - classic spontaneous rebooting!


      Things to note:

      * It is powered from the AC adapter and there are no ventilation issues

      * I had a wireless keyboard / mouse dongle in the USB 2 port

      * There was nothing connected to the USB 3 port


      Each time it rebooted I was performing only basic tasks. For example it crashed during the following activities (in isolation - not all at the same time):

      * Simple web-browsing *crash*

      * Watching a YouTube video *crash*

      * Playing a video file across my wireless network from my NAS *crash*

      * Looking at files in windows explorer *crash*


      None of these tasks were pushing the CPU very hard.

      I checked the "Event Viewer" in windows and all it shows is a kernel power error which implies that the computer was shut down unexpectedly/abruptly.

      That is obviously what happened... only that I didn't choose to have the computer shut down immediately and randomly.

      Unfortunately it doesn't help explain WHY it suddenly reboots. Because of the sudden nature there are no useful error logs as to why it shut down.


      Given the randomness of the reboots, it is hard to reproduce intentionally to diagnose and searching the internet has failed to produce a reliable explanation / solution.


      It shouldn't be this hard. I would consider myself an "advanced" user, but irrespective of this, I expect to just plug this thing and have it work. I shouldn't have to mess around with settings or trawl through forums to find a solution.

      This device is pitched as a power and easy to use "on-demand" PC. Even the box says something like "Turn any TV/Monitor with HDMI into a computer".

      Sure, technically you can - just don't expect to work productively for more than an hour and make sure you save your work like a paranoid, obsessive-compulsive person who has an unnatural attachment to the Ctrl+S shortcut.


      In the absence of a easy, reliable and permanent solution, I am ready to return this for a full refund. My only hope is that the pokey little store I bought it from acknowledges the consumer laws that exist in this country (Australia).


      /rant over