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    My intel HD Graphics 530 Losing Audio


      After getting the onboard intel Graphics 530 to work with my Denon Amp in order to pass through DTS-HD-MA, I have noticed that when I get on Youtube and play some videos, it tends to lose the audio when an Advertisement Plays. I have to Pause, then Unpause to get it back. I have had the same thing happen during Movie playback as well. Albeit only once or twice, and the Screen will Go Blank, then come back. It does that every so often, and then stops doing it. Its all very Intermittent, and really just seems like the Graphic Driver is incredibly unstable.


      Its been about a month, but I deleted the Driver from the Device Manager and rebooted the computer in order to get the updated drivers. This is how I got everything to work in the first place. Well this and selecting the right Refresh Rate fixed previous flickering and audio issues.


      The Drivers I am currently using are:

      Intel 530 -

      Intel Display Audio -


      Any suggestions on why I tend to lose Audio during Youtube Playback?



      Thank you!!