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    i7 6700hq hd530. hdmi adapter. Triple display random flicker and hdmi signal loss in Windows 10, but not in Linux Mint


      Asus g501vw, latest beta driver .4444


      I have a triple display setup with two 1080p external monitors. One is hooked up to a usb-c hdmi adapter. One is connected to built-in hdmi port.


      The monitor on the usb-c hdmi adapter randomly, but rarely, goes blank for 5 seconds. The monitor does not turn off or go to sleep though; the power light is still on. The display goes blank for 5 seconds,  then comes back.

      Sometimes there's a quick flicker, like there's interference.

      This happens maybe once every 2-3 hours. Sometimes once in 6-7 hours. Sometimes a horizontal band flickers on the screen randomly several times in one hour.


      I swapped the two monitors hdmi cables and ports, and again, the random blank display or flicker happens to the monitor that is connected to the usb-c hdmi adapter.

      I've tried a different brand usb-c hdmi adapter, and the same happens.


      It's interesting that when there is only one external monitor, and it is connected via the usb-c hdmi adapter, there's no flickering.... so far.

      I have to observe for longer, but I haven't seen flickering when using the hdmi adapter alone yet.


      Why would this happen, and how should I troubleshoot?

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