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    Debugging Galileo doc obsolete?


      I'm trying to follow along with the instructions in the document: Source Level Debug on Intel® Quark SoC X1000 found here:




      When I get to the step #3 of setting up the environment, it says:


      Enter the following command to fetch the proper kernel version from the internet and patch it with the appropriate Quark changes. $ ./gitsetup.py


      But there is no gitsetup.py to be found.


      Similarly, in step #4 it says:


      Export binaries of the toolchain built in step 2 to your $PATH as follows: export PATH=/PATH/TO/MY_BSP_WORK_DIR/metaclanton_/yocto_build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/i586- poky-linux-uclibc:$PATH


      Sorry, but there is no uclibc toolchains at all.


      Is this document simply so out dated to be unusable? Is there anything newer available?




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Bill,
          You can find the gitsetup.py file in the grub-legacy_* folder. 
          Which BSP version are you using? Is it the
          Did you have errors while building your image? I’m already running bitbake in order to replicate your environment. 
          Please check that you are using the correct path to your build folder. Please add a screenshot of the error so we could see it in a better way.


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            Hi Charlie,


            So the steps I'm following in the document referenced in my original post do not require the grub legacy archive:


            1. Get the Quark Board Support Package (BSP) software as described in the BSP Build Guide. Download the latest package (Board_Support_Package_Sources_for_Intel_Quark_.7z) and unpack it. It contains several archives. You will use two of them in the steps below:




            So if it is required, then this document is incorrect.


            My Environment:

            Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

            BSP v.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi Bill,

              Did you try with the gitsetup.py from the grub-legacy_* folder?
              Did you check the path to your folder? Please send us some screenshots of this.

              As you saw, the document is from May 2014 and there have been some new BSP versions since that date, so I assume there have been some changes in the distribution of the files and folders, I apologize for the problems this could have caused. I will notify the proper team in order to update the information.