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    i5-6600k Clock speed stuck at .800Ghz


      I am having a problem with my CPU clock speeds. According to the task manager, my CPU's utilization never rises above .80Ghz and the clockspeed in the BIOS appears to be locked at .800Ghz. There is no place I to change it. I have contact MSI, who referred me to Windows, who is now referring me to Intel.


      I have asked people on forums to help: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4n5es6/cpu_under_preforming/ and I have contacted MSI MSI USA - Technical Support Service Request . Windows ran their checks and said it was not an issue on their end.  I have some benchmark test and pics of the BIOS linked to the reddit page.


      http://pcpartpicker.com/list/LwXY6h - upgraded to windows 10 immediately after computer was built.


      Everyone appears to be stumped. Hopefully one of you can help me!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Daniel:

          Sometimes this kind of problem with the clock speed could be related to a misreading on the BIOS, so, in that case what we recommend to do a BIOS update to the latest version.

          Besides of seeing the clock speed stuck on the BIOS, do you have any kind of problems with the PC, is it running slow, or getting freeze?

          Also, we do have a tool that is called Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool; that is the tool that we rely on, because it does an overall test but also a stress test, a temperature test and a clock speed test along with some other features.

          On the following link you will be able to download the tool:


          2nd option to the left to install it, once you do that and the test gets completed, look for an option that says File, then View file results, you will get a report of the tests done, so, please attached that file to the thread in order for us to be able to see it.



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            Alberto Rodriguez

            Hello Daniel:


            I am just doing a follow up on your case, I just wanted to confirm if the problem related to the clock speed of the processor being stuck on the BIOS and the CPU utilization got fixed with the BIOS update.


            Also, I wanted to check if you were able to run the IPDT and if the processor passed the test.


            Please let me know the results.