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    Laptop screen malfunctioning after lid has been shut, and reopened


      Windows 10 recently updated my laptop with the lastest intel graphics driver. However, this new version broke a feature of the laptop. When the lid is shut, the computer turns into energy save mode. As in, not completely shutting down and is ready to start immideately when the lid is opened again.


      My problem is that the screen won't turn on after opening the lid, but the computer itself starts up as expected. This forces me to reboot the computer every time I'm putting the computer aside. Currently I'm using older drivers, as that fixes the problem. I'm worried that Intel won't fix this in future updates, and might consider turning the laptop back to the manufacturer again.


      OS version: Windows 10.0.10240 64 bit home edition

      Computer type: ASUS UX305CA

      Processor: Intel m3-6Y30

      GPU: Intel HD 515

      Graphics driver version: (currently using as that fixes the problem)

      BIOS version: American Megatrends Inc. UX305CA.201

      SMBIOS version: 3.0