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    ARDUINO.AL.B vs ARDUINO2.AL.B. Are they compatible?


      Hello, I need to buy Arduino Breakout Board for my Intel Edison module. I have found two versions of this boards on mouser:


      - ARDUINO.AL.B mouser.com/ProductDetail/Intel/ARDUINOALB/?qs=%2fha2pyFadugo667uAkyshmksvI8YeXYbBhfdUEJUBLl6ardjJJsy4g%3d%3d

      - ARDUINO2.AL.B mouser.com/ProductDetail/Intel/ARDUINO2ALB/?qs=%2fha2pyFadugngCZjZ4Niabf0YB3ZVh3i5FqZjdD9y%252b0HNI%252bkoUnSpQ%3d%3d


      Is the latest board compatible with every edison module or are there two versions and I have to buy the one matching my module? If the latter is the case, how do I tell what is my module revision?

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          Hi piotrek,

          Both of the expansion boards are the same. If you buy the first or second option it will work with your Edison module (if the module and expansion board are fine).
          As you have seen, in Mouser you can find an Edison Module and an Edison Module2, the same for the expansion boards, in this case the Arduino Expansion Board. Mouser uses this for the certifications required in different countries, but it is the same product. As you see, both have the same price and features.
          I suggest you to contact Mouser in order to know which option you should buy according to the country where you are.


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