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    CPU Fan not running at start up ?


      I just assembled a new computer using a DH55HC Mobo and a i5-650 CPU. I installed the Intel CPU fan which came boxed with the i5.   THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS at all with the MoBo so I am a tad nervous about starting up. When I powereed up, all 6 of the case fans and the Video Card fan came on. The CPU fan did not. I shut down immediately.   The CPU fan is the only one with 4 wires. I thought that it was possible that the fan will not come on until the processir gets hot enough to tell it to.  I AM NOT GUTSY ENOUGH TO TRY WAITING.  With no power on, the fan blade is free to spin but there is a great deal of opposition which feeels like the magnetic fields at  60 degree intervals.   When I turned the power on momentarily, the fan did lurch buit did not spin.


      QUESTION  Is the fourth lead to that fan a sensor which controls the fan?  Should I try booting and see if the fan comes on eventually?  If so how long could I leave it on before damage due to overheat  would become an issue.


      BTW I got to this point at 8:05 Eastern time Friday night  Phone support will reopen in 60 hours