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    Intel Management Engine Interface V 11 is broken on Windows 10


      When is a working V 12 anticipated? Also, until a new working version is released, how can I revert to V 9.5 (which works)?


      V 11 breaks sleeping on Windows 10 laptops. Laptop cannot wake from sleep after the lid is closed, despite all relevant settings being correct. It always shuts down when the lid is closed. This is directly caused by Intel's MEI V 11. See these discussions:


      Solved: Sleep and Shutdown issues after upgrading to Windows 10 - Page 3 - HP Support Forum - 5177663


      THE ANSWER to Windows 10 shut down - Microsoft Community




      A supposed work around is to download V 9.5, but when I try to install it (downloaded either through Intel's website or Dell's), I get error message "your computer does not meet the minimum requirements". Is there any way around this? I have a 2016 Dell XPS 13.


      When is a working V 12 going to be released? Is this issue acknowledged by Intel?


      Thanks for any help.