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    Intel® PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter BroadCast Storm


      I have a desktop PC installed with PT desktop adaptor. This adaptor is installed additional as a control card. It does not have any network configuration such as IP address. The same machine have a broadcom Ethernet  card which has IP address(example in subnet 10.a.a.0).



      Ok, the issue is when i ping the network 10.a.a.0 (which is unusual to ping a subnet) where this machine is connected from another network (example from 10.c.c.c), the PT desktop adaptor will start sending ping request using IP address 10.c.c.c with his own MAC address. This PT card will send this ping request continuously and cause network to collapse.the ping reply however is send to the original machine with 10.c.c.c ip address.


      Can anyone help me on this problem?