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    Alienware 15 r2 i7-6700HQ with HD 530 and GTX 970m


      I'm finding that a game (Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb) will not render correctly (lots of corruption) with any version of the Intel HD 530 graphics drivers including the latest beta (Driver Version:

      I've also got a ticket open with NVIDIA as I cannot get the game to run with the GTX 970m discrete graphics card.  It always runs with the Intel driver no matter what settings I use.

      The only time I get the game to render correctly is by using the Alienware external graphics amplifier with an external graphics card on an external monitor only AND the laptop display off.  If I open the laptop display, the game will use the Intel GPU.


      Running Windows 10 pro


      If anyone has any thoughts, let me know.  Thanks!



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