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    How to install Win XP on a DH55HC/i5-661?


      How do you load Intel drivers for a clean Win XP install?


      I'm perplexed. I just got this DH55HC/i5-661 combo and the machine looks pretty nice. My 5 year old trading machine died and this was the replacement. I took the disk out of the old machine, shoved it in the box and it booted. I installed drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard and it started working really well. so far so good.


      Next step - all my machines are dual boot so I installed Gentoo. Part of that install is grub to manage booting so I installed it. Gentoo works great but now the Win XP installation won't boot complaining about <Windows root>system32/hall.dll is missing. I figure I'll reinstall XP and figure out how to make it work so I put the XP install CD in and it doesn't find anything. Not too surprising I suppose. There is an option in the XP install to use 3rd party drivers but that only works from floppy and this machine has no floppy port.


      Anyway, sorry to be so dense but how do I do a clean XP install with this motherboard?

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          It's a bit of a pain, you need to follow these instructions to build a custom XP disk that contains the drivers.



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            Hi Ytterbium,

               This was certainly helpful but it hasn't solved my problems quite yet. Hopefully you'll stick with me. Thanks in advance.


               Installing and running nLite as per the instructions was reasonably straight forward. The issue is what drivers to choose to add. I went with the 32-bit v9.5.6 1001 beta and added them all to the disc, created an iso, shipped it over the the DH55HC running Linux and burned the bootable disc using cdrecord. It booted no problem but the XP install just hung at the same place stating "Windows Setup" and at the bottom "Setup is starting Windows" and then it's hung. I gave it 15 minutes. It never comes back, the CD stops spinning and it takes a hardware reset to get back in control.


               I'm wondering a few things at this point:


            1) I assume it's OK to add lots of drivers. It didn't seem to be a requirement to only add exactly one correct driver. True?/False?


            2) The drivers may possibly be for a different chipset? This is the DH55HC which is using a new H55 chipset. That doesn't seem to be in the ICH7/8/9/10 values on the instruction page so I'm wondering if these are even the right drivers?


            3) I tried downloading the XP drivers from the Intel download site but on my Vista laptop it wouldn't let me run the install program even to extract the drivers to a directory. I hoped to maybe add them using nLite but that's not working so far.


               From the Intel product overview:


            "The Intel H55 Express Chipset, consisting of the Intel H55 Platform Controller Hub
            (PCH), provides interfaces to the processor and the USB, SATA, LPC, audio, network,
            display, PCI, and PCI Express x1 interfaces. The PCH is a centralized controller for the
            board’s I/O paths."


               Now the SATA controller might be the same as what's in the ICH10 or earlier but just has a new PCI ID or something. I can get the IDs from Linux if it helps. I'm sort of assuming for now I haven't made a mistake running nLite and the problem is finding the right driver. If I can do that then we've probably got a solution.


               Again, thanks for the help so far. nLite is VERY helpful.



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              OK, so after multiple attempts to make the methods in the link above work I suspect in the case of the DH55HC they aren't going to work in the short term. As best I can tell from the link above and then driver files what was done was:


              1) hand modify the iaAHCI.inf file to include the new PCI IDs for the chipsets they wanted to make work, and ...


              2) From somewhere - Intel or elsewhere - get a driver or modify an existing driver to also include those PCI IDs.


              Now, I can recreate what Fernando did in those iaAHCI.info files. That's easy and is only 1 or 2 lines per chipset so no big deal. However I wouldn't have a clue how to do any modification of the driver binary. (If that's required to add the new PCI IDs.)


              Anyway, I think the best I can do is maybe see if someone else who has the DH55HC running XP can downlaod a new driver package and run the executable to extract the driver. For some reason the Intel extraction package won't let me extract the drivers on my Win Vista laptop - different OS - different chipset - so it tells me I don't meet the minimum requirements.


              If anyone is interested in providing the files out of the most recent drivers then assuming I can get it working here I would be happy to post back a package more or less like the ones linked to elsewhere which folks could use to modify their XP install disks.


              On the other hand I could be completely wrong about what the issue is but I know the board works, and I know all three disk interface modes work because my Linux kernel boots and works for all three settings:


              Legacy IDE

              Native IDE

              Native AHCI


              but I cannot get ANY of those modes to work with my XP install disks. (XP Home 2002 with and without SP1 is what my disks are.)


              - Mark

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                1) I don;t see why you can't add lots of drivers, you only need one probally,

                2) You need the driver for the ICH on the DH55C other wise it won't work, however the instructions would be the same for any driver, you just need the correct files for your adapter.

                3) I downloaded IATA89ENU.exe (Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager) if you run this with -a it just extracts the files to the drive.  Thes include PCH SATA support.

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                  I don't think you need to modify the files at all, all you need it the right driver intergrated into the CD.


                  I would have thought that if you put the BIOS in Legacy IDE mode it would work as the standard windows mass storage controller driver would work?  maybe It won't boot an existing OS as it thinks that it needs the non-MS driver.

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                    I recently purchased an HD55HC motherboard to use with an i 5-650 processor. My problem is that when I try to load XP from my orginal Install disk, it gets to the point of "windows is starting up" and just hangs. From som research, I'm told that in order to load XP on this motheboard, it has to have SP2 integrated. I've tried countless ways to make it work from articles posted in the Internet but none of them work. What I need to know is this; is there a method if intergrating SP2 with XP that really works?

                    I like XP and really don't to go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on WIndows 7 if I can help it.