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    How to solve HD 4600 massive repainting problems?


      Dear all,

      we bought a new laptop with i7 4712MQ technology, and HD 4600 operating as graphics device.


      We have serious repainting problems.


      What happens lookslike this:

      application starts, then is scaled to only an upper left part of the display, though in full screen mode (maximized).

      I changed starting mode of the application form to "central screen" and "normal size", but the calculated centre then is not the centre of the display but the centre of the very same upper left part of the display as before.


      Every next form/screen is then scaled to full window, using also the full display. But fonts are looking a bit strange, some being scaled down, others not.

      From now on, only those parts of the screen will be repainted correctly, which are in the same upper left area of the display as is/was the starting form.


      I will attach some screenshots to demonstrate the problem.


      OS is 8.1 pro, x64, all updates installed. Used Intel Driver Update 2.5 to update graphics drivers to v win64_153631.4414 (OEM had on board).


      Problems were with 10.18.... and with the current 153631.


      So far, problems only show in WinForm-Apps designed with Visual Studio, but there is not much on the machine besides VS, ie, Firefox....

      VS itself is running fine, no repainting problems. But it's next to impossible to debug the application or to run it as stand-alone .net application.


      The same configuration runs fine on machines with other graphics devices, including "onboard/shared memory" type, so I am reluctant in assuming it's a VisualStudio/WinForms/.net problem.


      I tried all possible combinations of scaling or not the display and reverted back to "default settings" after none of these proved to be of any help.


      What can I do?

      It's pretty much impossible to work seriously like this.


      Thank you very much in advance,