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    Concerns on Windows 10 Upgrade From Threshold 2 (1511) to Anniversary Update (1607)


      It took me a lot of patience to upgrade my 1st gen stick (STCK1AWFC32) from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (build 10240 -> 10586).   Although the following problems are still unresolved, I've been able to use the stick for browsing and multimedia for quite some time with minimal or no reset needed at all.


          1. Realtek Bluetooth indicates disconnected although I'm already using BT keyboard & mouse to operate it
          2. Unreliable/dropping & slow WiFi connection even the recent Realtek RTL8723BS SDIO driver (build 3008.28.0201.2016)
          3. WiFi on/off toggle and airport mode button in Action Center are not displayed
          4. Slow copying of files to its internal Kingston internal memory (even write caching enabled)


      Anyway, here comes the Anniversary update (14xxx) with build 1607 coming this July or August 2016.  Problem is, since the above issues haven't been resolved, upgrading to this new version of Windows 10 might brick the stick once and for all.  Does Intel make preparation for this new upgrade?  Or are they recommending to put this on-hold (manually) in the Windows Update for good?   Or I'm hoping Intel would issue a new guideline like the Threshold 2 version for a smooth migration of system for this version.


      Hope to hear from this soon.  Thanks!

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