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    Windows 10 Pro will not install




      I have recently been trying to install Windows 10 professional (for a sysprep) onto a brand new compute stick, no matter what I try; Windows 10 Home is installed. I've tried multiple sources for the Windows 10 installation media, it doesn't seem to matter.

      My ISO images are directly from Microsoft, I've deleted every partition during the install to prevent the compute stick from using a recovery partition. Is there some hidden partition or separate memory that is forcing Windows Home upon me?


      I've tried changing the BIOS setting for Windows x86 and Windows 64-Bit with the same result.


      I'm running out of ideas, and I see no rhyme or reason why Intel would force this particular version, they'd really be limiting their target market.. No Enterprise wants Win 10 Home.


      What's the deal?




      Product: STK1AW32SC