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    Power supplies for the Atom D510 (BOXD510MO)


      I just purchased the newly released BOXD510MO motherboard.   Unlike the previous Atom motherboard releases, the manual for this new board says "The board has a 2x12 power connector... This board requires a TFX12V or SFX12V power supply".  


      The earlier Atom (D945) manual says this:   "The board supports the use of ATX12V power supplies with either 2x10 or 2x12 main power cables"   It goes on to suggest leaving four of them unconnected if using a power supply with a 2x10 connector.


      I was planning on putting this motherboard in a large case with an Antec 300W ATX12V power supply (space is not a consideration for me---I like larger cases for better airflow).  Is the D510 documentation correct or could it be a misprint since the earlier Atom boards allowed a ATX12V PSU?    I hope I can use a regular ATX12V since SFX12V or TFX12V power supplies are hard to find and don't seem to be made by the leading PSU manufacturers.  At least not that I can find.

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          I was told by Antec that their ATX12V power supply is compatible with this D510MO motherboard.   That's not what the Intel document says as I mentioned in the last message.   So, not sure who to believe but given that it seems hard to find much online about SFX12V or TFX12V, I'm going with Antec's advice.  I'm not even sure what SFX12V or TFX12V really means.   So, I'll have to ignore what it says in the D510MO manual about using those odd form factors and go with the standard ATX12V.   I looked up SFX on Newegg and it shows a few PSU's with that designation but when you go to those manufacturer's pages, it seems they are pretty much a standard ATX power supply. 


          If anybody understands this issue, please add an explanation here.    I would think the comment in the D510MO manual about using these unusual form factors of power supplies would confuse a lot of people.



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            As far as connectors go, the Technical Product Specification gives the PSU connector as:

            1 +3.3 V                  13 +3.3 V
            2 +3.3 V                  14 -12 V
            3 Ground                  15 Ground
            4 +5 V                    16 PS-ON# (power supply remote on/off)
            5 Ground                  17 Ground
            6 +5 V                    18 Ground
            7 Ground                  19 Ground
            8 PWRGD (Power Good)      20 No connect
            9 +5 V (Standby)          21 +5 V
            10 +12 V                  22 +5 V
            11 +12 V                  23 +5 V
            12 No connect             24 Ground


            The ATX12V specification can be found at




            My brief perusal of the connector information on page 36 says that all the pins match, with the exception that the D510MO board does not use pin 12 (3.3V but No Connect on the board).

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              I saw those specs too quietdragon.   What I am confused about is whether I can use an ATX12V PSU with a 20 pin connector as you could on the previous Intel Atom motherboard (the D945).   I would, of course, have to leave pins 11, 12, 23 & 24 disconnected.   I don't understand what is different about this new D510 that made Intel remove the wording about using ATX12V with 20 pins instead of 24.   They now only mention a 2x12 connector and no mention of ATX12V.


              Can you see any issues I might have with using an ATX12V with a 20 pin connector?

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                Oh I see.

                Older PSUs likely conform to older versions of the ATX12V specification.

                For example the ATX12V 1.1 specification details the main 20 pin connector as:

                1 +3.3 V Orange                 11 +3.3 V Orange [+3.3V default sense Brown]
                2 +3.3 V Orange                 12 -12 V Blue
                3 Ground Black                  13 Ground Black
                4 +5 V   Red                    14 PS-ON# (power supply remote on/off) Green
                5 Ground Black                  15 Ground Black
                6 +5 V   Red                    16 Ground Black
                7 Ground Black                  17 Ground Black
                8 PWRGD (Power Good) Grey       18 -5 V White
                9 +5 V (Standby) Purple         19 +5 V Red
                10 +12 V Yellow                 20 +5 V Red


                The main difference is on pin 18 (20 pin)/pin 20 (24 pin) which used to supply -5V, but is specified as No Connect on the newer standard.

                The D510MO document also suggests No Connect on the motherboard.

                You didn't specify the Antec PSU model number, so you'll have to check that pin yourself on the actual unit. Depending on how paranoid you are you might choose to disconnect that pin on the PSU to ensure you don't drive -5V onto the motherboard.

                The remaining 4 pins that are missing from your PSU are:

                11 +12 V                  23 +5 V
                12 No connect             24 Ground

                A simple check using a multimeter and/or visual inspection will show if pin 11 on the D510MO is shorted to all the other +12V pins, if pin 23 is shorted to the other +5V pins, and pin 24 is shorted to the other Ground pins. If those all check out, then I'm pretty sure that you'll be ok.

                [ There is another alternative which is that these pins are unused on the D510MO even though they are marked. This is harder to verify. ]

                You might want to consider an adapter:


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                  Thanks quietdragon,


                  I don't trust myself to correctly trace the circuits on a motherboard.


                  I think the extra 4 pins on the 2x12 connector might have something to do with PCI-Express, though I'm not certain of that.


                  I have seen those 20 to 24 pin adapters for sale but I've never seen any details of exactly what they are doing, pin by pin.


                  I think my safest bet is to buy an Antec Basiq BP-430 which follows the ATX12V 2.2 specification.  That PSU has a 20+4 connector (2x12).  If I disconnect the wire to pin 12 on that PSU (or any PSU that follows the ATX12V 2.2 spec), it should conform to what the required specs are for the D510MO.


                  Does that sound correct?


                  (I double-checked the printed specs on both the D510MO and the ATX12V 2.2 form factor standard and pin 12 is also the only difference I saw).

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                    LOL   I didn't read the Technical Documentation closely enough. As you pointed out in your first post, that document states quite categorically that the board requires an SFX12V or TFX12V supply.


                    The SFX12V specification is available here:  http://www.formfactors.org/developer/specs/SFX12V_PSDGr3_%201%20public_br.pdf


                    The TFX12V specification is available here:  http://www.formfactors.org/developer/specs/TFX12V%202.01%20PSDG.pdf


                    So the ATX12V, SFX12V and TFX12V all provide 3.3V on pin 12.  The D510MO is No Connect on pin 12.


                    I infer from this that using any of ATX12V, SFX12V or TFX12V (24 pin for all) should be fine since all provide 3.3V on pin 12 and have the same connector in all other respects, and the D510MO documentation says that SFX12V or TFX12V should be fine.


                    See  http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/181/6  for other notes.


                    I'm fairly certain that the 20 to 24 pin adapter merely taps 12V (for pin 11), 3.3V (for pin 12), 5V (for pin 23) and Ground (for pin 24) for the additional pins.


                    The article at  http://www.smps.us/20-to-24pin-atx.html  details what you are trying to do, and suggests that just using the 20 pin ATX supply you have should probably work fine.  I find it hard to believe that the low power D510 would melt the 20 pin Molex !

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                      Thanks quietdragon for researching this.


                      I now feel ok using that Antec power supply which has the 20 pin connector (model SL300S which is an ATX12V v1.3).   Last night, I ordered that newer Antec Basiq model I mentioned so may use that since its on its way.   But, it appears either will suffice given the pinout specs across the ATX12V, SFX12V and TFX12V that you discovered.


                      Its odd that Intel would make no mention of the ATX12V and the 20 and 24 pin connectors with this new motherboard, given that is probably what most people are plugging into this D510MO without thinking about it or carefully reading the documentation.   Of course, most who are using this small form factor board are likely using a tiny case/psu and I have the luxury of using a bigger case which allows for better airflow.   I am building a separate box that will be on 24/7 and run MisterHouse (home automation) and Zoneminder (surveillance camera software) under Linux.   (Linux is new territory for me).


                      I did find some online mention of ATX12V (on the Intel site) with regards to the D510MO but nothing that clearly states you can use an ATX12V PSU.  The docs for the earlier D945 Atom motherboard make it very clear.


                      Thanks for your help on this.   I'm sure many other careful readers of the Intel docs for the D510MO are likely to stumble on our posting and get some help from it.

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                        Good luck with your system build.

                        I'm waiting on my local supplier to get some stock before I can start on my build.

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                          The pamphlet is simply saying you need the 24 pin power and NOT the 20 pin. I have heard that the additional 4 pins are really for PCI-E power as well as OVERALL system stability due to special requirements of the mobo. Antec says it can work, just make sure it is a beefed up supply and not a crappy one. I was too surprised that Intel specifically called for the 24 pin though, since this mobo uses so little power !


                          Just look out for stability issues with the 20 pin power ! I too have both boards but I am heeding all specs. Hope this helps.

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                            I have successfully booted and ran this mobo using a circa 1999, ATX 20-pin, 60W PSU.  The board ran fine, except that it would not recognize anything plugged into the SATA bus.  This may be a defect with the board, not a power supply issue.  I ran a 3.5" SATA HD off the PSU, and separately on it's own power supply connected to the mains, with the same result -- the mobo got stuck at post 5A and would never recognize the drive.  But, it would boot into linux via USB just fine.

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                              I would NOT jump to that conclusion so fast. That 60 watt p/s is cutting it too close to call. Try using a NEW(er) more beefier power supply (JUST TO TEST) for a couple of days and see if there is a difference. POWER SUPPLIES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. Just because it boots, does NOT mean all is well. I am a systems engineer and I have worked on thousands of PCs, and I see things like that all the time. Clients always believe beacuse the PC boots and the OS loads, that the P/S MUST be OK. Try a new P/S and do a couple of hours 100% CPU burn-in, to be sure.  Hope that helps

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                                The SATA problem turned out to be something with the drives (relatively old WD 400 GB SATA drives).  When I turned off SMART monitoring in the BIOS, the drive was recognized.  But, it still wasn't stable.  A new Seagate 1 TB SATA drive worked right off the bat.


                                The PSU I was using was too noisy, so I picked up a PicoPSU rated for  90W, w/ a 60W power brick, and the thing runs handily.


                                A 60W PSU should be more than enough for this mobo and 1 PCI card unless the card is a power hog.  The Board draws peak 17W or so.  A SATA drive adds another 6 or 8.  Add a cooling fan and some LEDs and we're still talking 25W peak load.  Even with a 20-pin ATX connector, a 60W PSU should have little trouble with that.

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                                     I have a PicoPSU on order too.  Should make a fine quiet server as per your experience.


                                  Update: Configured and working with a mini PSU using a 20 pin connector.

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                                    How did you all get those mini PSU using 20 pin connector to work? I use the same PSU together with the PSU converter (20 pin to 24 pin), it just cannot boot. The board is on, sata is working as I could open the DVD-Rom but I cannot see the boot screen. The monitor just does not show anything. No boot screen. I tried the same thing on Atom D410 and the same problem occured. No boot screen at all.


                                    I'm not sure what is the problem?