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    Behavior when booting after power failure, using Windows 10



      I don't have a stick yet, but I'm considering buying it.

      I have some question, I hope someone can help.

      I need the "stick" to be turn and off automatically when power is connected/disconnected.

      I've read on a thread here that is possible by setting the BIOS:

      There is a setting called "Power State". It has the choice between "Always ON"...

      (source: https://communities.intel.com/thread/78145 )

      So my question is, when booting after power failure -

      What is the OS behavior when using Windows 10 -

      Does it show any "REPAIR/SAFE mode" menu, etc ?

      Is it the same as on standard PC, or it comes with some special settings or recovery that skips all these screens ?

      Thanks for your help