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    Poor performance out of Xeon E-5-1650 v3




      We recently purchased 2 new Dell Precision 5810 CADD workstations.  We decided to try out the Xeon processors, so we got one machine with the 1650 and one with the 1620.  However, we have been very unsatisfied with the performance of the Xeon processors, and have had zero luck in resolving the issue through Dell.


      I guess my main question is:  is there any reason that both the 1650 and 1620 should be performing worse than the i7-4790?  And when I say 'worse', I don't mean that it takes a second or 2 more to perform a task.  The 1650 will take 2-3 times longer to perform a task that the i7.  Even seemingly simple tasks like opening a Word doc will cause CPU utilization to spike for a second or two.


      At first, the issue was very noticeable, as only 2 of the 6 cores were activated within the BIOS.  But now, even after activating all 6 cores, a wide range of tasks will completely use up an entire core.


      Is this normal?


      Dell Precision T5810

      Xeon E-5 1650 v3 3.5 GHz

      32 GB ram

      Windows 7 Pro