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    Do I have the right driver?


      I just got my new PC with an Intel X-25M G2 drive.  Based on reading this forum I asked the guys making it for me to set it up with the BIOS set to AHCI and to use the Microsoft driver provided in Win7 (because I want it to TRIM automatically).  I have checked to make sure that they had done as requested.  The BIOS is definitely set to AHCI.  And in the Device Manager under drivers for the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers I see 4 drivers one of which is the msahci.sys driver.


      When I check on the driver for the SSD Drive iteself, however, the listed drivers are disk.sys and partmgr.sys.  I expected to see that the driver for the disk itself would be msachi.sys.  Do I have the right driver installed for the disk?




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          What you see under ATA/ATAPI Controllers is the driver installed and it is the default AHCI Microsoft driver needed for automatic TRIM.

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            Thanks ambizytl!  That sets my concerns to rest.


            When Intel finally deliver an RST driver that gives auto TRIM I will want to update my driver to it.  So after I DL the new driver do I then use it to update the driver under the ATA/ATAPI Controllers and not the the driver under the SSD device itself?


            Sally (who is getting more SSD educated tha she ever thought possible)

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              To assure that Trim is running you can do the following:


              Go to Start and click it

              In the "Search programs and files" box type:  Cmd

              It should appear above the area you are typing as a little black Cmd icon

              Right click on the icon and select Run as administrator

              A black screen will appear

              In the black screen you will see    C:\Windows\System32>

              Right after that phrase type:  fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify

              then hit the Enter key

              If you see DisableDeleteNotify=0 the Trim command is enabled if the value =1 it is disabled


              Good luck

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