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    Drivers has stopped Responding and Recovered.


      Now, I can see that this is a popular topic around these parts and among other places on the Internet. The only problem I am having is that I have tried all of the solutions and come up short. I downloaded the Intel Driver Utility Center and tried to update my graphics card. It then told me that the parameters were not met, and thus, I could not install the software update.


      I have an Intergrated Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 with Windows 10 64-bit. It should also be noted that I have another Graphics Card-- a NVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX Graphics card, but the Intel Card is what is crashing. I have download software that tells me the temperature of both cards, and both are at a healthy temperature. 46-56 degrees Celsius is the average of them both, and it has never gone above 58 degrees Celsius, even whilst gaming.


      I have also tried the popular "TDR Delay" method, which basically gives me the same error, just in different words. "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics Hardware", only this time, the game will actually close, rather than just freeze for a few moments, so that didn't work either.


      I ask anyone-- anyone to please help. This error comes sporadically, but frequently enough to where it is an issue. I do also record gaming videos to upload, and the error does happen whilst I am recording. If anyone could help me, I would be grateful. Thank you.