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    Intel Braswell N3160 and 800x480 resolution


      Dear Sir:

      We should have one model name of Mini-ITX M/B and built-in Intel Braswell N3160 CPU onboard.


      Could you please let me know if the Intel Braswell N3160 CPU could support 800X480 resolution for the VGA output(We are built-in Realtek RTL2168-it is DP to VGA Transmitter onboard)?


      so I want to know why we could not have 800x480 resolution for our 7" LCD monitor.May I know if this issue is resulted from the Intel Graphic driver for the Intel Braswell N3160 CPU




      Thank a lot


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          Intel Corporation
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          I understand you need 800X480 resolution through VGA output. The support for this graphics controller includes digital connections such eDP/DP/HDMI. 
          VGA as analog signal is not supported on this graphics controller. 

          See the following URL for product specifications on page 23: 


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            Dear Sir:

            It is very nice to has more information from you.But your answer is not good suggestion.I just want to know if the Graphic driver for the Intel Braswell N3160 could supports the 800x480 resolution


            We have built-in Realtek RTL2168 and it is DP to VGA transmitter on board and let the M/B supports the VGA output


            I really hope that you could provided more information to me and let me provided some information to our customer side 

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              I have attached information about the maximum screen resolutions you can obtain with your graphics model.

              Please bear in mind graphics resolutions will depend on the board maker or the computer manufacturer. Also, screen resolutions are limited based on the video adapters or even the operating system.


              In this case, screen resolution on this graphics controller is established by the operating system. The Intel driver helps by getting the EDID info from the display, and making any adjustments as per the INF and/or CUI settings, then sends that information to the operating system, which then adds its own edits. With Windows 8/8.1, the minimum resolution is 1024x768. The minimum resolution for Desktop Windows 10 on monitors larger than 7” is 800x600, and Mobile Windows 10 on monitors smaller than 9” is 800x480.


              I hope you find this helpful.