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    Intel Turbo Memory under Windows 10


      Hi everyone,


      I upgraded my Samsung R560 Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P3750 @ 2.00 Ghz ; 8GB RAM) to Windows 10 Pro via clean install. I also have a Intel Turbo Memory 4GB PCI-E card in this Laptop.


      After the upgrade to Windows 10 I tried to install the latest driver available (, which should install the Intel Turbo Memory together with the Intel Matrix Storage Console. The Problem is that, though the Intel Tubo Memory Controller shows up in the Device Manager under Storage Controller (see first screenshot below), the Intel Turbo Memory is not installed properly and not working (no cashing function), because it doesn't show up in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager (see second screenshot below).


      How can I make the Intel Turbo Memory work again under Windows 10?


      The 4GB module would probably noticeably improve startup time on this old Laptop...


      Thank You for every comment !!!



      Device Manager - Intel Turbo Memory.PNG



      Intel Matrix Storage Console.PNG

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Mr.Lu,
          I am pretty sure the Turbo Memory 4GB PCI-E card will increase the speed of the system; however, we have a problem. Your computer is old now and there are no drivers available for Windows 10; Samsung only released drivers for XP, Vista and Win7. Our generic drivers are not recognized by your system.  
          Samsung drivers
          For newer systems Intel released a new version of Intel Matrix. It is called Rapid Storage Technology but it requires a newer computer.
          I regret for the inconvenience but it will be necessary to rollback the operating system.
          Mike C