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    Intel HD 530 artifacts in Lenovo Y-700



      I am receiving an artifacts from Intel graphics scaling the screen on Windows 10. Previously I thought it was NVIDIA card, but I turned off NVIDIA in BIOS and the problem still occured. To put it simply I have a frame 1 pixel thick around screen on which a problem occurs. If there are AA turned on the problem can magnify. I am attaching some movies. In my opinion the scaling of the display is at fault, it shows to much screen on edges where is some bad graphics held. Same problem on fullscreen and windowed, same while aataching a screen.

      Alien isolation, frame, mostly on top seen while in the first cutsceene:



      Witcher 2, here are white artifacts on edges "multiplied" when AA is on:













      Some free benchmark from Steam called Star Swarm test - artifacts seen on edges mostly when explosion occurs:





      Even if can't solve this problem, is there a chance to overscale the screen a bit so those pixels at fault will be out of visible screen? If I recall NVidia could do this, but now Intel HD graphics settings are more important than NVIDIA.