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    i7-870 showing up as 2 cores 4 threads


      I have gotten a 2nd hand i7-870 and after testing it with CPU-Z and Task Manager, it shows 2 core 4 threads.


      The person who sold it to me mentioned that it pulled it out from Lenovo ThinkCentre A85 (Link -> Detailed specifications - ThinkCentre A85 (type 0104, 0154, 7539, 7548) - Lenovo Support (SG)).


      And from the website it indeed shows Intel® Core i7-870 2.93G 1333MHz 4T\Dual core\8MB cache.


      Is this true? Is the processor really a 2 core 4 threads one instead of 4 core 8 threads?'


      Some facts and testing I have done:

      • Reset CMOS
      • Check in BIOS on the Processor Name
      • Check in with CPU-Z
      • Check in System Information
      • Check in Task Manger
      • Currently using Windows 10