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    6 month old Intel DX79SR suddenly hates all ram, constant b7 error on LED.  Using certified ram, it sees the ram, no beep codes, but refuses to boot at all, just loops.  Appears to be a very common problem with this series.  Is a new board the only fix?


      I have a DX79SR that hates all ram.  I bought the unit 6 months ago, new from Newegg, and I came home from the gym yesterday and it was looping, and throwing a b7 error code at me.  I have tested it will several different dimms, and it sees the ram, but just refuses to post. All I get is a b7 with every single stick.  If I put ram in a different slot than slot 1, I get beeps, if I have no ram, I get beeps.  From everything I have read online, this is an extremely common issue with this board, and the only way to fix it, appears to be a brand new board from Intel.  What's amazing is that b7 isn't even listed on the "official" error codes and I had to search other forums to find this information.  Does anyone else here have experience with fix this code without having to get a new board from Intel?  I can't afford the downtime on my personal rig, and waiting 2+ weeks for a replacement is literally out of the question.