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    DX58S0 - Items missing from the box.


      I bought the DX58S0 motherboard brand new from Amazon.com. It came with only one disc (Drivers/Bonus Software) and it doesn't include "Far Cry 2." The cover of the box (and the promotional video) very clearly states that "FC2" is included with the motherboard. Is this for download only? I looked on the DX58S0 program download page and it isn't there.  How do I obtain it?  The box was also missing the little "Intel" cap that you place on top of the heatsink, but I'm a little more concerned about "Far Cry 2".

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          To ensure you get a new, genuine Intel boxed product, you should always buy from an Intel Channel Partner or an Intel Authorized Distributor. Even if you do have problems, you'll be able to resolve them quickly if you buy through the preferred channels. You may have a product that may have been opened previously.

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            I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.  Are you saying that a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon.com LLC isn't an AUTHORIZED RETAILER? And further, that someone at their warehouse opened it, dug through all of the items, ignored everything else in the box, stole a $9.99 game and the heatsink cap and then resealed it to factory condition? If so, you know as well as I do how far fetched that is, especially since another poster complained about the same thing. Either there's a conspiracy to steal "Far Cry 2" disks out of sealed Intel motherboard boxes and sell them on the black market or Intel has a quality control issue in their packaging department.  If the above is what you mean, then you're saying that I'm out of luck and will not get the disk?


            If that's not what you meant, what do you mean?  The box was completely sealed.  There was absolutely no evidence of tampering.

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              I stated that you should always buy Intel boxed products from an Intel Channel Partner or Intel Authorized distributor. Using these channels will ensure you can get speedy response if you have warranty or any other issues with your product. Just because you bought the board from the Amazon.com website doesn't mean Amazon was the seller. Amazon lists thousands of products on behalf of other sellers. Thousands of sellers sale on Amazon, just as they do on e-Bay. Depending on the transaction, you could be buying directly from Amazon or one of Amazon's sellers. I said nothing about an authorized retailer. You threw that term in yourself. If you are certain your product should have come with the Far Cry software, contact Amazon and they should be able to resolve this for you.

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                I stated that it came from Amazon.com, that's why I was mystified by your reply. To clarify, no, it didn't come from one of their Market Place vendors. If that were the case I'd be dealing with them and not Intel. I will contact Amazon in regards to Intel's inability to put everything into a box before shipping it to their merchants.

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                  Mine is also missing the Far Cry 2. It has a sticker on the box.

                  It is factory sealed when i got it.

                  Where can I get it?

                  It is suppose to come separately or in the box?

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                    Well, going to Intel is a complete waste of time, so don't bother with them!


                    Where did you buy your motherboard? I got mine from Amazon.com and they solved the problem in the most awesome way of awesome problem solving.  They told me to buy a copy of FC2 and let them know how much it was, then they'd refund the money.  I downloaded it off "Steam" for $19.99, told Amazon and sure enough, they refunded the money within 24hrs.  Obviously this is only a one time deal, but the fact that I didn't have to provide a receipt for the game tells me that either Amazon has stunning customer service or I'm not the first one to come to them with this problem.  Either way, Intel needs to pay attention to how to resolve customer issues. I don't know if this made a difference, but I'm a "Prime" Amazon member and I purchased $1,000+ computer components at the same time as the motherboard. So they may have looked at my account and gave me the benefit of the doubt.


                    If you -DIDN'T- buy from Amazon.com, I'm not sure what to tell you!  Intel apparently doesn't take responsibility for its mistakes. It's the customer's fault they didn't put FC2 in the box.


                    Sorry for the rant, I'm still ticked. :-)

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                      I am also missing both items. Did you get them? I bought mine from CompUSA. They refuse to do anyhing about it because it has been 3 weeks since my purchase and they have a 2 weeks return policy.

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                        I purchased intel DX58SO last week and for me also the FC-2 Disk and The CAP is missing. After hearing you all's problem, i think its somthing to do with the package not the reseller. Why reseller like Amazon and a local vendor in india will need these 2 for ? Taking the FC-2 disk out of the box might happen but what about the CAP ? If lot of people are missing the same stuff from the box, i think they were not there not in the box at the first place ...

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                          Well... do I need to say mine isn't in the box neither? Sticker on the box says full Far Cry 2 included but is it there? No! I bought from a strictly hardware retailer (Intel authorised) and there is no way they are going to get me my game, said I can return incomplete product if I want, but do I want to do it? No!

                          No matter what I am going to contact Intel, watch this space!

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                            OK, here I am again…

                            I have contacted Intel Customer Service, via Chat panel available on their support site, and?

                            I was told off. They don’t care, do they? So I called them on the UK number (I am based in Poland) – Intel support agent still insisted it is called “local Intel”, when questioned how he defines “local” his answer was, closest to my country, and although Netherlands is closer to me he said that my local Intel Support is UK – never mind. OK, so over the phone I was talking to other guy that was actually interested in what I had to say, he’s took the details of the problem and after a minute of silence he said he is going to open a case for me. He promised to send me an email with case details, which never happened, so I called them after few days to find out that my case is being escalated. After another few days wasted, someone from Intel Support asked me for the proof of purchase, motherboard AA number and a photo of this sticker advertising the game as they did not believe advert on Intel’s website was genuine (!!).

                            I supplied those and waited another few days, then called again to ask if they have received it. “Yes, we have received it” I was assured, and now, few days later (5(five!!!) working days!!) I am still waiting on the case to be processed, as if there was forensic science involved in this investigation...

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                              i just got a dx58s0 and it doesnt have far cry 2 in it even though there is a sticker on the front saying free far cry 2 full version included so does it already have far cry 2 installed or is it on a disc or something