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    i7-6900k Not overclocking


      So I updated my bios to run my i7-6900K in my Godlike motherboard from MSI. I go to the bios and try to get anything over boost clock (3.7) and It boots up fine and says i have an OC of 4.3 at 1.4v. When I go to CineBench or 3dMark, my score doesnt change from boost clock. I use MSI command center and it shows my cpu not exceeding 3.7. How do I fix this? I tried DLing intels 3.0 boost driver but it says My system doesn't meet the requirements. Thanks!

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          Hey bro

          I don't know this MSI mobo, but I can assure you the i7-6900K is more than willing to overclock. I just reverted back to stock settings after successfully been overclocking mine to 4.5GHz at full core load. 100% stable under all stress tests and highest core temperature didn't exceed 80 degrees C.  My mobo is ASUS X99-Deluxe II and I didn't do anything by myself, everything was done by the 5-way optimization application that comes with the mobo. I might could get it even higher if I made manual adjustments myself in the BIOS, but no need for that. My XTU score went up by 400 points by this quick overclock, took less than 5 minutes.


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            Is there any drivers or anything else I need to download? Because just by me going in the bios and adjusting everything, it says it is running at 4.3. But when I run benchmarks, it's all the same score and all my apps say it's only putting out 3.7 on all cores and 4.0 on core#1

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              Hi Shaw0311,
              I suggest you to reset BIOS settings then install MSI Command Center application. It will help you to customize the oveclocking settings. Make sure you already have the latest motherboard drivers.
              https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X99S-SLI-Krait-Edition.html#down-utility&Win10 64
              Overclocker followers, I recommend you to buy Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan, overclocking is under customer risk.
              Mike C

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                I have the same setup The Intel 6900K on the MSI godlike motherboard, My clock speed is locked at 1200GHz and I can't get it higher or lower, any one knows a solution ?, if I change my BIOS settings, my system start to boot and then restart by itself, and no display at all, in this case force it to shutdown and then start it from the MoBo button and the reset button this will bring up some options on screen, on of them is to go back to previous settings or to reset to default, and previous settings is what I choose. appreciate if you add some word to this, thank you.

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                  Hi Abdulqader,

                  I suggest you reset BIOS settings to default then, go to BIOS, review memory speed (RAM) to 2400 or 2133MHz at 1.2V.

                  Let me know how it goes.

                  Mike C