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    NUC5PGYH screen flickering


      Hi, I have three NUC5PGYH units paired with Panasonic TX-55C320E Tv-s and I have an interesting problem with them.

      When I'm changing several setting in the NUC bios, saving it and exiting the bios the screen starts to flicker.

      Going back to the bios, loading the default setting, saving it and exiting, than everything is ok again.

      One bios setting causes the problem every time when I try to change it – decreasing the fan speed from the default 40%.

      The flickering does not appear on a monitor, only on the large screen. The problem exist after the bios is updated to the latest version.

      NUC and Tv-s are connected via HDMI.


      @Any suggestions about the phenomenon?

      Thanks in advance.