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    Bios 044 update - restarts and POST messages


      Since beg. of 2016 my NUC6i3SYH  operated without any problems (I did on experienced any of "NUC5i" issues). Since update to recent bios 044 from 042 my Win10 Pro x64 made few self-restarts (without any warning). The second issue observed were "unsuccessful POST attempts" messages when powering on the computer (sometimes I even had to take the power plug out for a moment before start otherwise the screen was black). This problem I hopefully solved by myself following one of advises i.e. by removing USB 3.0 (passive) HUB. However Win10 made two self-restarts later on (after removing the hub). I reverted back to bios 042 and the problem of restarts is gone (till now). I do not know was "improved" with this bios update but there is something wrong. For information I`ve checked core temperatures and everything seems to be ok.