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    Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth Crackling and disconnecting if further than 1 feet away from PC after Windows 10 reinstall


      laptop has Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth adapter.



      When my laptop was upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1, my Bluetooth headset was working perfectly fine. I could walk around the house and connection was perfect, everything was fine. So it was working really nice for some time on windows 10...

      But I had to reinstall windows, from scratch. And after that - all the problems started.


      I have used Intel Driver Update Utility and updated to the latest drivers on the Wireless, VGA and Bluetooth. Installed correct chipset drivers. Everything runs smooth.



      Although WIFI is perfectly fine, my BT is unsuable. it is  really, impossible to use it. The same headset which I used a week ago, now - is useless.


      I have to be like 1 feet from laptop for it to work, otherwise it shutters, lags and disconnect, so basically is unusable.


      if I am close to laptop (1 feet or so), then I can hear the sound, everything is OK. it works.. but if I am a bit further (like further than a hand's length,  or more) - sound disappears - cracks, stops, reappears, lags, until BT headset disconnects.


      If I cover the headphone which has the BT module with my palm - sound disappears - stops. sounds is lagging like 1 sec... Same symptoms as above.


      So, is my palm is enough to block BT signal??


      Before asked: the same headset works perfectly fine with my phone, and another PC at home. I can walk all over around the home, go to different room and still hear my music...


      Any way to solve the problem? is it driver or settings issue?


      thank you in advance!