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    i7 6700k temperatures max


      hi, a week ago I bought a i7 6770k.

      I have normal operating temperatures processor 40º - 45ºC and peaks 80° - 83°C.

      The processor heatsink is cheap one (cooler master), I do not overclock, and PC use is for office / graphic design.

      Do these temperatures can cause problems in the processor?

      Do you recommend changing heatsink?

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          Assuming these temperatures are accurate and not due to reporting errors (i.e where do these temps come from), even though they are within the max range given in the i7 6700K data sheet, found here, if you are not overclocking and are running the CPU at default stock settings these values are very high to me. Unless of course the ambient temperature of the room where the computer is located is around 40 degrees C. It would be helpful to have more information such as motherboard, RAM, settings TIM, and specific model of heat-sink/cooler to help you figure out why. Note cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad, i.e. the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (~$30) is generally accepted as the best air cooler for its price. In fact:

          "Using an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler, I can run prime-95 on this I7-6700K all day all four cores at 4.5 Ghz and it never gets above 60C. Intel told me should not exceed 74.4C on this CPU. With a more normal workload I can get away with 5.1 Ghz, but given that customers use this box someone WILL find a way to abuse it (such as Povray) so it needs to be stable fully stressed. This is with 64GB of Vengence 2400 Mhz memory. With only half the memory I can get away with about 100Mhz more."


          Note he does not report the ambient temperature of the room, however there are numerous other blog sites with very similar reports. I would suggest re-seating the cooler with a fresh application of thermal paste and clearing the CMOS of the UEFI BIOS for whatever motherboard you are using.

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            iSpeakGeek thanks for so early response.

            PC configuration is as follows:

            i7 6700K

            16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 RAM HyperX Fury 2133MHhz

            MSI Motherboard mATX B150M Pro-VH

            Heat Cooler Master Hyper-skin TX3i

            Room temp 24ºC


            I apply thermal grease expanded over the entire processor.

            The temperature measurement is made with MSI Command Center software. Also to ensure I tested with HWMonitor cpuid with the same results.


            any advice?

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              I change the paste thermal. oh my god!!!

              I forgot to remove the protector plastic cooler.

              I can not believe it


              Now the temperature is all right

              35º -37ºC normal work and peak 57º - 60ºC


              thank you very much!!!!

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello Pedro,
                We are glad to hear that the issue was fixed, and now the temperatures are fine and the PC is working properly.
                If you need further assistance please do not hesitate in contact us again.