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    Edison mini breakout board USB solder question


      Are there a series of pins I can solder a permanent USB access to? I need to mount a project after finishing all testing, etc - and the USB connector takes up too much space.


      Also, sorry to ask two questions in one topic - but is there a way to get a graceful shutdown out of pushing the power button on the board? I`d like to tie it to a shutdown command rather than hold it for 10 seconds.

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          Hi CarlosA,

          The only way to access the USB pins is from the USB connector available on the Mini-breakout board. The USB pins are not connected to the header array, so you cannot access them this way.

          Regarding the second question, you could add an extra button to one of the GPIOs in the header array, and execute the command "shutdown" when the button is pressed, but you will have to use the power button available on board to start the Edison again. Unfortunately, the push button available on board cannot be used without waiting for the 10 seconds.