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    External USB drive slows down SS boot time?




      I am new here and am hoping that some of you will be able to shed some light on this:


      I have an 80G X25-M and it used to boot into XP Pro in 20 seconds, which was great. Then I bought a Toshiba 1TB SimpleDrive and connected it via a USB port. Now when I boot up, the screen will stop at "detecting mass storage...." for up to 3 minutes before it'll boot into XP. The strange thing is that, if I swap the SimpleDrive to another USB port, the boot will be fast again, but only for the first time. Thereafter it will stop at "detecting..." again.


      It all seems very strange and illogical to me. As I am a total newbie to SS drives, and a search on Google returns nothing, I am at a loss at what to try.


      FYI, the SimpleDrive never causes the same problem when connected to my laptop.


      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.