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    J1 power supply current?


      The Intel web site here (https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/628232) says this:


      Direct current (DC) power supply rated as follows:

      • 7-15 V DC
      • At least 1500mA
      • Center/inner pin is positive pole


      The Intel Edison Kit for Arduino Hardware Guide (2/15 rev. 007) states the following about an external power supply on J1:


      "The power is converted to 5 V via a switching power supply, which powers the rest of the system. This supply was designed for a 1A continuous supply. Higher currents will generate more power losses and may thermally damage the switcher."


      I have a 12V / 2A external power supply which meets the requirements of the web site, but according to the guide it sounds like that could cause damage. Should I use an external power supply of 1A or less?





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          The higher the amperage of the input, the better.


          That line in the documentation tells about 5V which is the output voltage. You can connect USB devices, and their consumption shouldn't exceed 1A. The Edison also produces 1.8V and 3.3V, and the maximum current they can produce is less than 0.1A.