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    The new IOT Dev Kit 3.5 repo is basically empty!


      Intel's blog announcement at IoT - Intel IoT Dev Kit 3.5 Release Announcement | Intel® Software  talks about what this whole new release will do, especially to help with my Edisons.

      So I downloaded it - and I've had nothing but trouble. Many of the URLs used in scripts etc. reference the new repository at iotdk.intel.com/repos/3.5/iotdk/ and go on to subdirectories like edison/ and intelgalactic/ - but the only subdirectory there is mmax/ , which I assume is for the Minnowboard Max. I've changed the scripts to reference back to the 3.0 repository - but the structure there is different too.


      Has anyone else managed to get the IOT Dev Kit 3.5 release working?